Recently I learned that my children didn’t understand what it means to be a lesbian. They thought it was about sex, but just as a straight persons life isn’t about sex, “No, it isn’t about sex. It is about the being who are at our core and the way in which we connect on the base level.

I can remember back to the age of seven when I saw another girl in class that I viewed as beautiful. I skipped school to take her to a drug store to buy her a candy bar. I had no idea about sex at the time. I can remember always being buddies with boys and seeing girl play as boring. I can remember seeing boys in fourth grade trying to kiss you as betrayal of my friendship, not as a compliment. I can see my seeing my girl friends way of trying to attract boys as being untrue to themselves. That wasn’t true, they were being themselves, they just weren’t being me. I thought differently than they did. I saw things differently than they did. I did things differently than they did. Yet, just like anyone else I needed to fit in. If was very hard to find a way to live in a straight world and to try to be true to myself. This was especially true when I grew up in the forties, fifties and sixties, but even now these challenges have not disappeared, I am sure.  There is this magic feeling that we share as gays, it is called gaydar. You feel it and connect with people like yourself.. Being true to yourself;  is loving yourself and accepting who you are. That is what we call Coming Out. Though many of us tried to fit into the norm and found that it only brought us unimaginable pain which extended to our family.That certainly wasn’t the answer for me.  When I had my near death experience I knew that God had made me who I am. He called on me to teach about loving and accepting others. It is a calling of the heart and soul, not of the mind. I don’t believe God makes mistakes and when you have been through a near death experience, you know that you know. God is. There is a here and there is an after. It is truly about loving and learning. God created many differences throughout the world. Don’t you suppose that it was meant to teach us acceptance and love. Our life is a gift from God, so let us treat it with the honor and respect that it deserves.








Families Do Matter

As I have thought about my seventy-five years on this earth, I have been trying to connect all the dots. It’s said with age, comes wisdom. I’m not so sure. What I learned is that no matter how I have tried, I made some humdinger mistakes. My children could tell you all about them. All I can do is accept the mistakes that I have made and use the lesson as a way to have empathy for others.

I read somewhere Forgive those who sin differently than you do! That thought has been with me so often. It has given me patience as I watched my children develop into adults. It may be hard to watch them go through rough times, but I try not to judge them because I am reminded that it is a part of life. If we have left them with consideration, understanding and empathy they will land solidly on their feet. They have. Good job my children. I am proud of each of you.



Pittock Digest

Being a Pittock!

As a young child I didn’t realize the significance of being a Pittock. I was simply too busy living my busy life to care. Now at seventy-five I see the generational connection between myself and those that came before, and the importance of the values that they instilled in me.

Pittocks were leaders and developers, but most of all they had expectations that were carried forward generation after generation. They were to be responsible, caring, learned, ethical and a part of the community they lived in.

My great, great, great-grandfather came from Deal-Kent, England in 1828 like many to acquire land, for land was power. With him he brought 32 other souls. After purchasing land in Ohio, South-Western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, he established a new community. It was the qualities he planted in America that were carried forward in all of us.

I hope to pass on family stories from the past seven generations to unite us all in our American fabric.